Client Testimonials

• I was in a bad situation when I finally decided to call Interim House. My abuser was very cruel to my children and I. When I got to the shelter, I was mean, mad, hurt and disappointed that I allowed myself to be in this situation. While at Interim House, I got a lot of support and assistance with counseling and housing. I love the staff. They made me feel comfortable, and helped me to realize that I could be in control of my own life. I will appreciate Interim House for the rest of my life.
~A. M.

• Interim House is a wonderful place for healing. I thank God that they were there for me. I waited so long before I finally decided enough was enough. Once I made the decision, the rest was so easy. By the time I left Interim House, my children were attending a good school, I had located a nice place to live as a result of a partnership with Black Family Development and Interim House, and I had secured a job through “Flip the Script”. Through the support group and workshops, I learned how to budget, make priority decisions for myself and my children. I will never be the same after my stay at Interim House.
~S. S.

• Interim House was a blessing to me and my children. The advocates, counselors and case managers were very supportive and helped me to become a stable person. I am thankful that this domestic violence shelter was here for me. I feel that without the shelter, so many women and children like me would continue to be abused.
~B. J.